Born Under Mercury

How do you go on? How is life lived with a fractured foundation? Are houses built on the crack of tectonic plates. Or does life reside beside the gaps.

I’m looking at a blanket of stars. Contrary to my sentiments of when I look at the sea. Stars make me hope. Stars remind me that from death is light. Beauty. Whilst the sea makes me terribly lonely, (I am yet to understand how this emotion manifests within me as beaches are always filled with happy people) stars make me feel included in someone else’s fate. I seem to childishly, or should I say, romantically, think that there is someone out their looking at the exact same dying star as I am. And this makes me smile. Within that second my lungs open up and I can breath.

One of my favourite designers, Zuhair Murad, had a whole collection inspired by the stars and the constellations. It is rather a beautiful thing. I forgive when I look at the stars. I forgive myself.

It’s a reminder

Every night

When one falls asleep. (Or cannot sleep like I)

That there is always something beautiful above you

You just have to look up.

I love you. I’m sorry.

There is life on the San Andreas.


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